1. This discussion forum is the community support channel for the use of Tekla Campus and Tekla Structures Learning edition.2. Tekla Campus users are warmly encouraged to help each other at the forum.3. The language of this forum is English.4. Be friendly towards your fellow Tekla Campus community members.5. Do not provide false or misleading information. This applies also to how you represent yourself at the forum.6. Advertising, spamming and trolling are not allowed.7. No inappropriate (unlawful, vulgar, offensive, etc.) content is allowed.8. Tekla Campus Forum is meant for students. Post here your questions on the use of Tekla Campus and Tekla Structures Learning edition. For discussions of professional use of Tekla Structures Tekla recommends the Tekla Discussion Forum.
Frequently asked questions
05.02.2014 13:49
What is Tekla Campus? How do I download Tekla Structures for learning? How do I start learning? How do I pass a lesson? How do I use my portfolio? Who can see my details?What is Tekla Campus?Tekla Campus is a Tekla website for downloading Tekla Structures educational configuration software, and learning the basics of the software. How do I download Tekla Structures for learning?You need a Trimble Identity and sign in to Tekla Campus in order to download Tekla Structures for learning. You can create a Trimble Identity by following the link on the home page. To initiate the download, go to Download, read and accept the usage terms and click Download. How do I start learning?In Tekla Campus >> Learn you can find our collection of learning materials. The materials are divided into lessons, which include a video tutorial and tests to prove your skills.You can view all the available lessons and their contents in the learning path. The learning path also shows your learning progress and provides guidance on the suggested order of taking the lessons. How do I pass a lesson?The video tutorial includes the main learning content of the lesson. The tutorial will guide you through the subject of the lesson.The tests are scored exercises that measure your learning and determine if you have passed the lesson. If the questions seem difficult, you can open hints to help you find the answer with a small tradeoff of the final score.You complete the lesson once you pass all the tests in that lesson. How do I use my portfolio?Your portfolio is where you showcase your skills with Tekla Structures. You can upload a snapshot of your model and add a title and a description to it. If you want to share the whole model file package, you can attach a link from which others can download the model. Who can see my details?All information on your details page is public. You can edit the information at any time by clicking the Edit profile button. Your detail page is where other Tekla Campus users can find information about you. People may want to see your details and visit your profile if you have, for example, posted a comment to Forum.Your display name is public. If you have not set a separate display name, display name is your first name and last name. You can change your display name at any time.Everyone can view your profile photo and the link to your profile page. You may choose not to upload a profile photo, or you may upload an avatar instead of a photo of yourself.You can add more information about yourself in the About me field. You can also add links to your social media profiles.Other public information includes your Tekla Campus lesson scores and progress. If you want to showcase your modeling talents, you can add Tekla Structures models to your portfolio.Please see our Privacy notice for additional information.
Tekla Campus Facebook page
23.12.2013 13:30
Did you know that Tekla Campus has a Facebook page? You can find it at https://www.facebook.com/TeklaCampus.In the Facebook page we post for example news related to new versions of Tekla Structures Learning and other interesting Tekla news. We'll also let you know about Tekla webinars and events through the Facebook page.  
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