Hello I have downloaded the version 2021 but when trying to install it, I double click, or select run as administrator, and nothing happens. I don't know if I should try something different.
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I am currently having the same problem. I have tried re-installing Tekla, I have also tried installing latest Windows Updates but that didn't solve the problem. If you have a solution please share.
Thank you.

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04.03.2021 11:59
HELLO, When I change the name of the part into "haunch" , the weight changes and takes into account the total weight of the parts. are there any advanced option i should activity or something else to conserve the real part weight. Thank you for helping me Have a good day.
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Hi there, I've got a problem regarding the "Custom component editor" toolbar! When I click "edit custom component", then I can only see "custom component browser" and nothing else. How can I make the "custom component editor" toolbar to appear?
custom component design
14.10.2020 18:47
Hello, I want to connect K joint of truss with curve support plate(beam) for test arrangement in lab like in image 1 and 2. Curve beam is test arrangement plan and K joint is test specimen. First, I need dowel connection in curve beam, dowel prevents elements from sliding when test load is applied. And after that bolted plate to plate connection to connect test specimen to curve support plate. Thank you.
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teakla problem
Re: Hello! 23.09.2020 00:14

I have a problem with application and components catalogue It doesn't work for me It shows red X mark below and cannot click on the search or any thing in the catalogue Iam useing tekla learing 2019 Waht i must do

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Hi. The estimation is about
Re: Fundamental path duration 28.08.2020 14:22

Hi. The estimation is about 100 mins to take the lessons. The total time depends on how long it takes for you to take the tests and do the required exercises in Tekla Structures.

Fundamental path duration
21.07.2020 13:09
Hi, I need to know the duration (hours) of the complete fundamental path (the 10 lessons). Thank you.
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Re: problem in application and components catalogue 18.07.2020 06:59

Hello there,
I have the same problem.
If you solved that, pls help me (my e-mail: huuban.xd13.uah@gmail.com)
Thank you so much!

Some Technical Issue
03.06.2020 22:29
In Test 3 of 1st Module Snapping: Which of these snap switches must be active in order to create a parallel beam? Even after using both the hints I can't answer the Question. Please look into my Problem & Do needful Asap. Thanking You in Advance.