öğrenci lisansı
01.12.2019 17:10
indirme işlemi bittikten sonra programı yükledim . programı açtım , dil seçeneğini seçtim ve sonrasında lisans sordu , öğrenci sürümünü indirdim ben , lisans ile ilgili bir şifre gelmedi . bu yüzden açamıyorum . yardımcı olur musunuz ?
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problem in opening shortcut available in desktop(not opening)
Re: Are you using the latest 29.11.2019 07:06

All installation completed succesfully but tekla not opening in shortcut availble in desktop shortcut
please suggest

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Hi! good day! I would like to confirm does anyone from you experience this same issue when you try to login when opening Tekla structures? in my account it says i got approved student license but I cant log. Can you please help me fix this issue? thank you!
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Re: Engineer 15.11.2019 16:12

Tekla very good

Gratings Report and Drawing
09.11.2019 13:08
Hello, i downloaded component safegrid, but i dont know how to create report and drawings. Is it because the number of component is -1? Thanks
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Hi Nabilah,
Re: Tekla Campus License 08.11.2019 10:35

Hi Nabilah,
I checked that your Tekla Structures student license is valid. Please try running Tekla Structures educational configuration again.

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Tekla Campus License
Re: Hi Debora, I checked that you 05.11.2019 06:04

Hello, I just installed my Tekla Campus and i have the same problem with the license. when i log in with my trimble account, it says that i have no license and there's no configuration to choose at all. May I ask how to solve this issue?

Hi there is a problem when i remove tekla learning 2017 for reinstall. i tried to uninstall in control panel, it can't. In correctly, window of uninstall is opened, but that said just 'installshield complete'. After look that message, i opened install program, and i saw same window again(remove window). i guess this is related '스위트 등록(in english, probably 'enroll suite'. i don't know how call that correctly. i'm using korean system language)', because removing process is ended very unnaturally when i saw that message. sorry for using unskilled english, and if you need some question about what i explain, please ask me.
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