There are two ways to renew your license:  
  • Click the link in My Details, or
  • Click the link in the notification pop-up that appears at the top right corner of Tekla Campus home page just after you log in.
         Student license for Tekla Structures educational configuration is valid for 4 months. You can check your license status any time in My Details.When the end of the four month time period starts to approach, both Tekla Structures educational configuration and the Tekla Campus website will remind you about the expiry as you log in.When you click the link in My Details or in the yellow notification pop-up, you will be taken to a web form where you can apply for the renewal of your license.If you have problems in renewing your license, contact the Tekla Campus team using this web form.
Here is a description how the Tekla Structures student license works.When you register to Tekla Campus, you create a Trimble Identity. The username and password of this account act as your student license Tekla Structures educational configuration. You need to give your username and password in a dialog which pops up after starting Tekla Structures:After giving the username and password, Tekla Structures connects to the online license server, and after the license checks are ok, the software starts up. The software pings the online license server every now and then during the session.You need to be online more or less on regular basis in order to use Tekla Structures educational configuration. There is an "offline buffer" in the student license, and the buffer helps you to work continuously for example despite an unstable internet connection. Offline buffer is valid for one day since your last successful Tekla Structures student license connection online.The license is valid for 4 months. As the time goes by and the due date approaches, both Tekla Structures educational configuration and Tekla Campus website will remind you about the expiry. It is possible to apply for renewal after 4 months.Tekla Structures student license is meant for educational usage, and it’s designed for individual students. The licensing terms limit the usage of Tekla Structures educational configuration for non-commercial use only.
"Error when connecting to the license server. Contact your system administrator or try another server."This error message appears, because information on your Tekla Structures student license isn't passed on correctly. This could happen for a number of reasons. To troubleshoot, please do the following:
  1. Check your internet connection to see that the connection available when you are logging in.
  2. Check your proxy settings. They may prevent the transactions between your Tekla Structures student license and the online license server.
  3. Ensure that you have a valid (not out-of-date) Tekla Structures student license. To check your license, log in to the Tekla Campus website, and see if there is a yellow warning message on the top of the page that tells you that your license is about to expire. If this is the case, click the link in the message to renew your license.
  1. This discussion forum is the community support channel for the use of Tekla Campus and Tekla Structures Learning edition.
  2. Tekla Campus users are warmly encouraged to help each other at the forum.
  3. The language of this forum is English.
  4. Be friendly towards your fellow Tekla Campus community members.
  5. Do not provide false or misleading information. This applies also to how you represent yourself at the forum.
  6. Advertising, spamming and trolling are not allowed.
  7. No inappropriate (unlawful, vulgar, offensive, etc.) content is allowed.
  8. Tekla Campus Forum, is meant for students. Post here your questions on the use of Tekla Campus and Tekla Structures Learning edition. For discussions of professional use of Tekla Structures Tekla recommends the Tekla Discussion Forum.