Thank you, now downloaden
Re: Thanks for the update. We 12.12.2018 16:20

Thank you, now downloaden work fine with AVG enabled. And also I scanned the file after downloaden and is reported safe.

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Hi, please re-install Tekla
Re: ERROR 12.12.2018 12:56

Hi, please re-install Tekla Structures Learning and try again. If this does not help, re-install .NET and C++ packages. Instructions available here.

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12.12.2018 07:49
This error pop-up when I want to start the program. How to solve the issue?
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Thanks for the update. We
Re: I've tried it from another PC 11.12.2018 15:51

Thanks for the update. We have reported this to AVG as false positive. You should be able to ignore the warning or add the URL to exceptions list in your antivirus application to be able to download Tekla Structures Learning.

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I've tried it from another PC
Re: Hi, 11.12.2018 11:40

I've tried it from another PC (my PC at home instead of work), that PC is running AVG antivirus on this PC I get a message that the TeklaStructuresLearning.exe is virus infected and then block connection to this website.
So think firewalls / antivirus programs see a signature in the .exe file that they see as malicious (can be a false positive I cannnot judge that), any see screenshot for AVG message, at my work PC I don't get any message at all besides the 404 error (don't know what firewall software and virus scan is used there).
Is there another download location, or can I download the zip file from somewhere ?

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we are sorry to hear about this issue. Can you try downloading Tekla Structures Learning again? We are able to download the installer alright.

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Hi, please see the hardware
Re: Problème d'installation 10.12.2018 10:35

Hi, please see the hardware requirements for running Tekla Structures Learning here. Does your computer meet the requirements?

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At I accept the the terms and press the yellow download button. When pressing Download button, I get redirected to and then get a 404 Is there any other location I can get this install so I can try out the open API on my DEV machine ?
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Une page d'erreur s'affiche lorsque je lance le téléchargement.
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Hi, when you run Tekla
Re: Structural Design Engineer 05.12.2018 15:44

Hi, when you run Tekla Structures Learning, log in with the same Trimble Identity credentials that you used when logging in on this site. Please see information on Tekla Structures Learning license here.

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