Hi. I am currently working in a crane manufacturing company. I would like to ask to do calculation for a load on the double column using Tedds. herewith a picture for your reference. Appreciate if someone can help.
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Reboot at creating drawings
Re: Tekla 2018 Crashes at Create Drawings? (help) 27.09.2019 17:58

Hi guys when I want to create a drawing, Tekla Structures 2018 reboots. Have somebody found the solution?

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21.09.2019 03:54
I can not use the macros of stairs, always gives error. Someone with the same problem? 2019 version.
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Hi, sorry for the delay in
Re: Grasshopper Tekla Link not working 20.09.2019 15:16

Hi, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Could you try the following:

  1. Check if the Tekla plugin is loaded into by going to Help > About in Grasshopper 
  2. Check Rhino's Command history (type "CommandHistory" into the command line) immediately after you've launched Grasshopper. Is there anything there (like error messages) that could be related to this?
  3. Do a search for the file "GrasshopperTeklaLink.gha" and  "GrasshopperTeklaLinkEducational.gha" in C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\ and make sure there's only one copy of it.
  4. Type "GrasshopperDeveloperSettings" into Rhino's command line and check whether COFF loading has a check mark. If not, check it and restart Rhino/GH. If it already is checked, you could also try to uncheck it and restart.


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Hi Marcel, in issues
Re: Pointclouds and windows 10 20.09.2019 15:05

Hi Marcel, in issues regarding the commercial version of Tekla Structures, please contact your local support. You may also post in Tekla Discussion Forum if you have Tekla Maintenance.

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Al crear un conjunto de armaduras con forma de elipse, en la lista de armaduras con forma de plegado esta me aparece con muchas dimensiones desordenadas y otras armaduras no me aparecen con las dimensiones correctas.
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Hi, I can't do the reinforcement detail on the concrete beam or column or foundation, I'm using the Add bar set option, but that doesn't work, please, does anyone have a detailed video where they explain that? Thank you!
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Pointclouds and windows 10
17.09.2019 14:41
I got a new computer with windows 10. Now when i use point clouds in my models (2018 and 2019), often Tekla Structures wil close for no reason. My previous computer had windows 7 and had no trouble with pointclouds. (also using TS-2018). Any suggests?
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09.09.2019 15:29
Good afternoon, I'm having trouble generating stairs, always gives error. What may be happening? Has anyone managed to solve this problem?
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Hi For some reason, Tekla will refuse to open a drawing after it has finished numbering. And if tried again, it will ask to perform numbering again and will still not open the drawing.
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