Installing Peikko components
07.02.2016 21:15
How to install peikko components
Import ACIS .SAT file
21.04.2015 13:35
Hi! I have a solid with complex geometry that i want to import to Tekla, from Revit. I tried via IFC reference model and also as a concrete item but in both cases the geometry came as a non-solid, so it's really hard to reinforce it... One thing I wanted to try is the .SAT file via, but I don't know why... Did someone knows how to import a .SAT file into Tekla? Thanks in advance!
Hi all, i get the attached message when trying to print any drawing. can you help me to solve this problem? Regards
Can anyone solve the issue of Tekla 2018 Crashing every time I try to Click on parts and create a part drawing or most buttons in the create drawings as it starts to load the goes black, freezes and then restarts/crashes??? ( I've updated my geforce driver and I'm on a gaming laptop that runs high powered Autocad, Advanced steel and all other software on windows 10/16gb/3ghz. Can Tekla or the software be adjusted to work?
Download From Tekla Extranet
29.08.2015 16:57
Hi, Can anyone tell me why appears the following message "Download Requires Tekla Structures Maintenance" when i try to download and extension from tekla warehouse??? Best Regards
I'm trying my best to generate a BBS from my CIP model. I've modelled all the reinforcements in beams and columns using the Component Catalog tools. I'm using the Rebar BBS(Excel).xls tool to generate the report of BBS. It is getting generated well and good. Can I have the images of the shapes appear in my BBS instead of just a shape code? Typically I would want it to be in the form of an excel sheet so that it is presentable.
I have the largest resolution for my computer i have windows 8. Ive had this problem before that the component screen is to big for the screen and i cant make the window smaller, that makes that i cant work with the component for modyfing and choose ok and so on.. How can i make the Component window smaller? or do i have to chance OS or computer with larger resolution size... really odd problem ive had it with previous computers and windows 8...
when I use connection "Tube gusset(20)", the property dialog box is bigger than most of other connection property dialog box. The height of dialog box is greater than my computer screen height and it can not show full content, so I cannot modify anything in this component. My question is 'the component property dialog box size can adjust or not ?'
Linking TEKLA with SAP2000
05.06.2014 18:31
Good morning, i would like to know how to create the plate connection of an inclined I beam into the pad. I only find the macro for the vertical element. Thanks How can I link Tekla with SAP2000? I have seen some programs on the extranet but i am not allowed to download them. Are those programs not available for the educational version? Thank you very much
Hi Jorge,
Re: Download From Tekla Extranet 31.08.2015 09:11

Hi Jorge,
Content in Tekla Warehouse is available for the users of the commercial Tekla Structures and has not been packaged for or tested to be working with Tekla Structures Learning, which is limited to be used for non-productive, educational use only.

Some Tekla Warehouse content is available only for the users of the commercial Tekla Structures that have a valid maintenance agreement.

If you cannot change the
Re: component window size to big for screen 04.09.2015 11:32

If you cannot change the resolution of your screen, try using the following shortcuts.

Press ALT+SPACE+M, and then use the mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the dialog.

If you cannot see the buttons, use
ALT+A: Apply
ALT+M: Modify
ALT+G: Get
ALT+C: Cancel

Importing from Revit 2014 to Tekla 19.1
Re: Importing models from Revit to Tekla 22.03.2014 16:14

1. Export your Revit model to IFC format
2. In Tekla, select from the File menu Insert Reference Model...
3. Select your IFC file, set the scale (normally 1:1), press Ok. Select the point on your grid where you want the model.
4. Your Revit model will start importing and appear on the grid a few minutes later, depending on how big it is.
5. Select your Revit model in Tekla, go to Tools and select Convert IFC Objects.
6. A window will appear showing a progress bar, and then a series of conversion settings. Most of the time you can leave the settings as they are.
7. Click the Convert button, and Tekla should start converting your Revit object.
8. A report will appear showing the converted parts, and your object will now be converted.

Conversion might take anywhere from a few seconds to minutes depending on the size of your model. It's not perfect: many times you'll lose parts during the conversion process, or they'll get deformed. So you should always do a detailed check of your model after converting to see if anything's missing or wrong.

On large models I've had Tekla crash in the middle of the conversion. Guess it's just not able to take them. I have to split them up in Revit and do them in several imports.

component window size to big for screen
Re: component window size to big for screen 02.09.2015 19:24

I have exactly the same problem. I can't move or even resize the component screen, specifically the component: stairs(S71), thus, it makes impossible to change the component parameters. I really need a way to solve this question. Thanks in advance.

cone structure
24.02.2015 10:26
how do model a steel or concrete cone structure for example a ( chimney stack)
I'm detailing some miscellaneous stuff like ladders and guardrail and I'm having a problem with the bill of material in ASSEMBLY DRAWINGS showing incorrect numbers for parts. The assemblies in the attached image are 16 pieces of loose flatbar and 8 - 4" flatbar ladders with 3/4" roundbar rungs - Very simple. In the bill of material the 'quantity each' of the 'main part' shows as '8' but is actually 1. More than that, the main part, which is one of the rails for the ladder, is identical to the other rail, but still appears in the BOM under a separate row. The mark number is not listed for the main part in the BOM for either assembly, but I've been able to change this outcome by editing the template tables in the editor. I would like to know how to show the main part and identical profile parts in one row with correct quantities for assemblies. I am using the STYLE5 Drawing Style in TS 19.1 S2