Material and profile
27.09.2020 16:22
Hello im trying to follow everything you have in your learning guide videos but in the creating steel parts video i tried to find for exampel HEA400 and S235JR but i could not find anywhere on my computer so my question is it ok if i use something else instead? and why cant i find it? is it something i have download?
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graphic issues
24.09.2020 08:33
Hi All I'm having problems with the graphics on my monitor. The model comes up all fuzzy and I cant snap to any lines anything. I thought it was a hardware issue with my PC, so I changed to a 2GB graphics card and still have the same problem. Dont know if its a virus or size of file that could be the problem. When I open smaller files it seems fine. I've uploaded a picture of the problem hoping someone can help. Thanks Dan
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application & components
Re: Hi Brian, 20.09.2020 01:34

Good evening.
I am a student and am in the process of getting to know the program.
The same problem occured. After building the model, I want to make connections using by window application & components. The window opens and nothing works.
Reinstalled the program and everything C ++, can't.
Changed the system language to English, it doesn't help.
What could it be?

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17.09.2020 21:16
Hello there, maybe this is an simple question, but it will be very usefull for me to know ¿How should I model a "cross-linked column" with welded bracings ?, Im from Perú and its called "COLUMNA RETICULADA" or "COLUMNA DE CELOSÍA". I will achive an image for better description. Hope you can help me, please. Thanks so much. By: Luis Angel Vargas Esparza.
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How to solve it ?
08.09.2020 12:04
How to solve it ? thank you :)
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Hi Chris, could you please
Re: Test 3 - Snapping 28.08.2020 14:41

Hi Chris, could you please try again?

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Hi Brian,

sorry to hear about this issue.

In some cases a system locale setting has been a reason for this kind of behavior. 

To check if this is the problem, change the system locale to one that is known to work (for example English (United Kingdom)).

To change the system locale, go to Windows Control Panel, select Region, select Change system locale from the Administrative tab and choose a language and system locale from the dropdown list.

Note: Make sure that the Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support box is unticked, as using this setting also causes the problem. 

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I have an end user getting
Re: The file cannot be read 13.08.2020 17:01

I have an end user getting the same, was this ever resolved?

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Test 3 - Snapping
05.08.2020 21:01
Will not allow me to answer, even after using the hints. Trying to get my cert, completion is at 86%.
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Hi Severin,
Re: How to debug a tekla plugin 05.08.2020 15:04

Hi Severin,
You can develop plugins while Tekla Structures is open. Check this guide in Tekla Developer Center: Change and debug a plugin without restarting Tekla Structures.

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