Custom component
08.04.2021 11:08
I have created a custom connection for a column and a beam. As you can see in the picture that i've uploaded there is a small part of a beam in the custom connection. The problem is that everytime i use this component and i pick the main and the secondary part, the beam doesnt cut itself and i have to use the fit part end tool, which is very inconvenient to do for every column-beam connection. Is there a way to make the beam cut itself automaticaly? And the second and final problem is that when i add that connection i want a 10 mm empty space between the beam and the small beam from the custom connection to be added automaticaly. Is there a way to do this? Or i have to manually cut the beam 10 mm from each side? (the first picture has the custom component highlighted) Thank you in advance.
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I have installed the Tekla students software of 2021 version and its not opening in my pc .
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29.03.2021 07:48
do tekla structure can choose some option for part clash check settings like we can choose bolt clash check settings in options menu?
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Re: same problem 29.03.2021 07:39

i agree too, very slow if i choose true option in render by software

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Hello, i try to model trim in foundation slab, but I can't find right solution. Can You give me any advice which tool i should use?
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Had the same problem. Yep,
Re: To return the panel to its 13.03.2021 13:52

Had the same problem. Yep, Alex-934 suggestion worked for me. Little addition: you have to close Tekla before you make edit in RegEdit. 'X' and 'Y' values are in DWORD, so I suggest you to change these values to 'decimal' when you edit them.

Hello everyone! I am trying to find a way of creating transmission tower legs made of L profiles. The issue I am having problem is that I cannot get them rotated properly so they are in a straight line. I am modifying parameter Rotation in Position, but I can't get it 100% straight, there's always some. Can I get some tip how to achieve that? I hope you can understand what my problem is. Thanks in advance!
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To return the panel to its
Re: No custom component editor toolbar 05.03.2021 11:06

To return the panel to its place, use regedit. Way:
HKEY_CURREN_USER > SOFTWARE > Trimble > TeklaStructures > 2020 (or any other version)> Toolbars > xs_library_connection_toolbar
If the value in the VISIBLE string is '0', then change it to '1', and if the value of x or y is too large (such as 3065), then change it to any number within 150, for example, x=40, y=140. After that, run the component editor and the panel will return.

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Re: No custom component editor toolbar 05.03.2021 11:01

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Pull-out scale , report
04.03.2021 20:09
Hi, I have a problem with the pull-out picture scale while producing reports, I am using graphical field properties which are mentioned in the user assistant , so is there any way to solve this ?
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