please try re-installing Tekla Structures Learning. If you get the same error message again, please click View problem details. Then copy the details and send them to us.

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Oh yes, that is the reason. I
Re: Hi, thanks for contacting us. 17.10.2018 13:09

Oh yes, that is the reason. I had installed the Australasia environment and that was selected when I started the model. I've now set to default environment and am getting the right answers! Thanks

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Hi, thanks for contacting us.
Re: Creating Foundations - Question 2?? 15.10.2018 09:12

Hi, thanks for contacting us. The pad footing dimensions look to be correct in the snapshot. Please make sure you are using the default environment. Do you get 2700 kg as the weight for one pad footing?

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Creating Foundations - Test 2: Pad footings "What is the total weight of all pad footings in the model". Is this broken, or am i not getting something? I have used both hints (even though I knew i had modelled correctly) and still says wrong answer! I'm getting the same problem with Creating Concrete Columns - Test 1 - Inquiring Objects "Select a column from the ground floor. Right-click, and select Inquire > Part. What is the weight (kg) of the column?". I have modelled the column as instructed, but it says wrong answer!
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Hi, it's great that you have
Re: proceed to the following lessons 11.10.2018 15:36

Hi, it's great that you have completed all Fundamentals lessons! Well done! For now, we suggest that you take a look at the video tutorials on Tekla User Assistance.

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Hello, I'm a new user of Tekla Structures and I'm learning the software through Tekla Campus. I have completed the lessons about the Fundamentals (116/123) but now I'm unable to proceed to further lessons. How can I continue learning path? Thank you
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I am using Tekla Open API to create plugins for educational purpose I've installed tekla 2017i learning version with the license and middle east environment , created a connection plugin just like the one in reference guide the problem is the parts created in run method of plugin doesn't appear with class (color) however in debugging session the class is 1 which means render will be gray ,unfortunately I couldn't upload the visual studio project because it's not allowed to upload zip files but I've attached pdf file displaying the BUG very well
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