Hi I have tried to answer the question on the "find out the total length (in millimeters) of all parts with the name “haunch” in the model". I used the default setting for modelling the haunch. However, when I open the organizer I cannot see any information about the length of the haunch.
Answer is always wrong
05.09.2019 15:50
I am learning with Tekla Campus. In the lesson "Creating steel constructions", Test 2 question " Select one of the Apex haunches that you added to the model. What is the diameter of the bolts in the component?" gives a wrong answer. After following the two hints it still said Wrong answer. I have tried all possible realistic and non realistic answers and it still says wrong answer. What do i do?
E certificate
07.10.2019 12:59
Recntly completed e learning program Tekla Start learning the basics of structural engineering, detailing, and construction management with the best BIM tool in your software portfolio, Tekla Structures. So how get e certificate please give suggest
Re: HAUNCH TOTAL LENGTH 03.04.2020 23:28

Hola, la longitud correcta es 8183mm, tuve que ver la longitud en el modelo para lograrlo, según el modelo cada uno mide 1363.9mm, cuando lo multiplicamos X 6 que son la cantidad de estas piezas, el resultado es 8183.4mm.

Re: Hi, 19.11.2019 05:02

Same problem, I've already tried to remodel the part but the result is the same.

27.11.2019 15:02
Hallo, I have problem in Managing model information, question 1: Using Organizer, find out the total length (in millimeters) of all parts with the name “haunch” in the model. All my answer wrong. Somebody can help me?
Hi, I downloaded Tekla 21 for students and in first lesson you need to open engineering sample model. But I can not open it, it says that it is not found. What I do wrong?
Training dvd.
07.05.2015 13:49
I have internet problems. Are there any training DVDs by tekla or any other company?
Creating Foundations - Test 2: Pad footings "What is the total weight of all pad footings in the model". Is this broken, or am i not getting something? I have used both hints (even though I knew i had modelled correctly) and still says wrong answer! I'm getting the same problem with Creating Concrete Columns - Test 1 - Inquiring Objects "Select a column from the ground floor. Right-click, and select Inquire > Part. What is the weight (kg) of the column?". I have modelled the column as instructed, but it says wrong answer!
04.04.2018 18:38
Hello. Maybe someone has the text of the lessons in English, or a translation in Russian or Ukrainian. I am from Ukraine and do not understand the text with the videos very well. If I have a text, although in English I can translate and understand the essence.
I have the same problem, can
Re: Manage Model Information -- Haunch 04.03.2020 01:47

I have the same problem, can you help me?

For test questions, you can
Re: Where do I get information for test questions? 12.09.2016 15:43

For test questions, you can use Hint for assistance if you get stuck. And for practice questions, you can for example google, checking in Tekla User Assistance or ask in the Lounge by raising a discussion. I think the questions are literally aiming at letting people know deeper and better of Tekla, so somehow it is good for yourself to figure out the answer of the questions as I believe that you will benefit a lot during researching if you really want to be a master of Tekla but not just answer the question.

I am learning Tekla Structures using Tekla Campus. For Learning the Analysis and Design, Indian codes IS 800 2007(Design - Steel) and IS 456 2000(Design - Concrete) are missing in the Analysis Model Properties Tab(I installed Indian environment also). In the Seismic section IS1893-2002 is available. In Steel Profiles IS808:1989 are available. How can I get IS 800 2007 and IS 456 2000 in the Analysis Model Properties Tab. I am using Tekla Structures Learning 2018i. I provided the images of the missing codes in INDIAN CODES.pdf file. Thank You.