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I am using Tekla Open API to create plugins for educational purpose I've installed tekla 2017i learning version with the license and middle east environment , created a connection plugin just like the one in reference guide the problem is the parts created in run method of plugin doesn't appear with class (color) however in debugging session the class is 1 which means render will be gray ,unfortunately I couldn't upload the visual studio project because it's not allowed to upload zip files but I've attached pdf file displaying the BUG very well
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As is shown in the image, the supported list is not visible. (Tekla 2018)
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Guidance needed sir
Re: DETAILING ENGINEER 14.08.2018 13:14

I ma pursuing maters in structures bangalore india , looking for starting up my careers on learning tekla precast software. as there are many branches in tekla which branch would get me a good job opportunity immediately after completing the training

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14.08.2018 07:30
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just input the elevation then
Re: Tekla BIM; changing the elevation 09.08.2018 13:50

just input the elevation then click enter.

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You can find information from
Re: Impossible questions 09.08.2018 13:18

You can find information from the Tekla User Assistance, from the Video itself, from the HINT and some info are in the ACTUAL MODEL that you need to download.
e.g. (How many sinks are there in the model?)

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I'm having the same selection
Re: Okay, i solved this. I was 08.08.2018 07:36

I'm having the same selection problem. Would you explain how did you manage to select the required single part?

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Impossible questions
Re: Where do I get information for test questions? 12.07.2018 06:44

Hi, I had this same problem when I started too.
I expected the answer to all the questions to be in the video for that lesson, but this was not the case. I've decided to ignore the questions for now as I work through the other videos and when I reach the last video I will go back to the start and answer them best I can. I think there will still be a few I won't be able to answer and will have to do some research, however by this point I will have a much more in depth understanding of Tekla so should have a general idea about what I'm looking for or be able to make much more educated guesses.
I hope to get to this tonight, I'm only a few videos away :)

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