Hi! I am also having this
Re: Hi! I just solved a similar 02.07.2020 18:07

Hi! I am also having this same problem and tried to follow your steps. When I get to step three, I do not have a default or standard option for my object group. The drop down menu is empty. Do you have any tips on where I should go from here?
Thanks in advance!

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Re: Hi, 02.07.2020 17:24

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Re: ENVIROMENT 30.06.2020 17:17

Click menu>settings> scroll down to license section and change it from the drop down menu under "Environment"
Note : you need to make sure you've installed the environment template from tekla download page

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Hi! I just solved a similar
Re: Manage Model Information -- Haunch 30.06.2020 17:10

Hi! I just solved a similar problem myself, this happen because the category setting isn't properly configured, you can import a template or just do this simple trick :
1. on the categories tab, double click on the custom category (or right click>property) , a new window will appear
2. Then on the automated object content, click the drop down menu below object group
3. Select your default object group, for me it's "standard", then click on modify. Your custom category will be filled with all the objects from your model
4. The apex haunch and eaves haunch should appear there as "HAUNCH" and "PLATE" in the name column. It shows all the properties you're looking for
my guess is that tekla cant show the property data from the content type "CONNECTION", but it should appear there under the content type called "PART".
Hope this helps!! Let me know if you need more explanation

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Tekla Learning Question
29.06.2020 14:15
Hi, I am having a problem with two of the tests in the tekla campus learning session. The Getting Started with Tekla Structures test 3 is not letting me re-submit my answer after opening the second hint, despite me knowing the correct answer. Secondly, test 1 in Managing Modeling Information refers to finding the total length (in millimetres) of all parts with the name "haunch" in the model. After using the hint and still not getting the correct answer, I came to the forum for help where I see other people had a similar problem but I do not see how they fixed it. Thank you in advance.
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Re: Oh yes, that is the reason. I 28.06.2020 11:16

How do u select to Default environment? My Software doesn't allow me to choose to Default environment there is black project and other that i downloaded .

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Can't generate my E-certificate
Re: Hi Rodolfo, I noticed that 27.06.2020 07:25

Hi, I have the same problem, I already checked in the tab "Mydetail" but it doesn't generate the option to "getcertificate". Can you plis help me !

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Manage Model Information -- Organizer -- Test 1
Re: Hi, 17.06.2020 21:53

Hello I have the same problem and I can not find any category or anything else...

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11.06.2020 17:32
Hi! Hope you can help me. How can I change the enviroment I´m working on? I have some problems with the weight questions
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Kindly assist me, the software is not working with me. After completion of the installation for the software and the environment. When I open the Tekla Structure Educational Version it's showing to me supporting tool then I wrote my email and password then show that sentence ( you do not belong to any organization, please contact your reseller or system administrator. only users on maintenance are entitled to submit support cases). Attached screenshots for the problem. Appreciate your efforts in advance Thanks and Regards Ahmed Arafah
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