At the end of March, the Associated General Contractors of America (AGCA) announced the $400-million renovation of the Daytona International Speedway’s grandstand in Florida was the most significant construction project of 2016. But this is not the first award it receives: It is the best sports and recreational project in Tekla Global BIM Awards 2015. 

Daytona Rising was one amazing project: The race track stayed operational during the upgrade that included changes in the front stretch seating for 100,000+ car race spectators, dismantling and reconstructing the suite and race operations areas and the press tower. In addition to extensive structural modeling, the team consisting of the contractor Barton Malow and several subcontractors used Tekla and open BIM innovatively to plan and manage layout, project logistics and supply chain management. 


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You can win too, because Tekla BIM Awards has a student category:  It offers a venue for students to showcase their skills among the most iconic projects in the industry. You can do what the Daytona Rising project did and win in this competition.

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Winners from the local events will automatically be entered into the 2018 Tekla Global BIM Award Student Competition. In 2017 there is no global competition. 

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Disclaimer:  Tekla BIM Awards 2017 is still running in Czech republic, Poland and UK. Elsewhere the contest has ended for this year, but there will a new competition coming next year.