We met Max Levander, a BIM professional, at his work place and asked him about his work and how have BIM skills affected his career. The laid back expert answered us thus:

My name is Max Levander and I am a structural engineer at Ramboll Finland. At the moment I do, besides the normal structural engineer’s work, BIM coordination and other BIM related tasks. A while back we had an idea that we should have a support group for Tekla Structures here within the design team. That was something I felt was very much my kind of work, and now I am the head of a small group of people helping their colleagues with Tekla Structures. We provide assistance on everyday tasks, but also hold webinars and short educational presentations.

I learned Tekla Structures at school, Novia University of Applied Sciences. Some of the teachers worked at Ramboll, and one of them held this basic course on Tekla Structures. There I used the software for the first time. Learning the basics of Tekla Structures was quite easy. It was very good to have a teacher who was using Tekla Structures at his work, so he knew exactly what he was talking about.

Tekla skills have most definitely helped me to proceed on my career. I think my knowledge on the software was one of the main reasons why I eventually got an internship for summer, and later on a vacancy at Ramboll. I have heard that everybody is searching employees who know BIM. If you are a structural engineer, especially in Finland, you have to know Tekla Structures. Most of the time working with BIM is interesting, and sometimes it is even fun!

In recent news, April 22, 2015, Max Levander received Young Consultant for 2015 award.  View the article here:  http://www.rakennuslehti.fi/2015/04/rambollin-max-levander-on-vuoden-nuori-konsultti/