To further develop the Civil Engineering education, a group of Professors and Deans, from different engineering schools throughout the Philippines attended a BIM Seminar, hosted by Vibrant Technology Solutions, a software distributor and consultant for fabricators in the steel industry, both local & abroad. Engr. Vinci Villaseñor, OBE (Outcomes Based Education) Consultant, lead the session speaking about the role of educational institutions in promoting BIM and educating highly competitive engineers. He also encouraged the audience to help him to establish the standards in order to incorporate BIM in the civil engineering curriculum.


Central Colleges of the Philippines shared their success of promoting Tekla within their Civil Engineering courses.  Students take part in an elective Tekla Structures course upon entering Civil Engineering at CCP.  The course gives them a strong foundation for understanding in virtual world how buildings come together and the students enjoy the opportunity to learn and master the tools used by the industry.   

- “Since initiating this course in 2012, we have increased the offering from 1 section per year to 6 sections per year with 30 students enrolling per section. ~Prof. Engr. Manolo Arnel Cabañero, Central College of Philippines. 

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