“I don’t want to live for 100 years.  I want to leave my mark on society and have the structures I design and build be remembered and seen for hundreds of years to come”

Ahtesham Mulla is a passionate student from AGM Rural College of Engineering and Technology.  He has been around civil engineering ever since childhood and always knew he would pursue it one day.  Both of his parents are civil engineers and Ahtesham had always been inspired by their work and wants to inspire others out there as well.  “For me this is not just a profession, it’s my passion, my dream, my life”, said Ahtesham.  One thing that sets Ahtesham apart is his love for technology.  “I am always finding ways to utilize technology to solve problems and improve processes around me.  I feel there is so much automation that can been improved upon in civil engineering and we need to push the limits of these tools”.  “My goal is to work on projects which will break through the walls of science limitations.”    

Ahtesham discovered Tekla Structures from his professor during his Fundamentals of Construction Management course, where students are introduced to many software tools that are used in the construction industry.  He then took it upon himself to learn Tekla further, by downloading his free student version via Tekla Campus.   “I was in search of software that I could design, analyze and model structures with.  Once I found Tekla my search was over”.  Ahtesham is taking time to learn Tekla Structures and sharing with his peers.  He shared Tekla Campus with so many that he was our “Invite a Friend” winner for October.  

Ahtesham is currently in his final year and will be graduating with a Bachelors of Civil Engineering, January 2017.  He wants to pursue a career upon graduation and work on infrastructure or buildings.  He is open to all aspects of engineering as he still has a lot to learn but in the end he wants to work on structures that will leave their mark on society.  

Our Invite a Friend Competition is live and we will be announcing another winner in December.  Take time to invite your friends today.