Be it your first position after graduation or a summer job, you will need to get through an interview. However, there are certain surefire ways to screw up your chances to land that dream position. Here are five steps to not getting hired.

  1. Arrive late for the interview. You will be expected to arrive timely for work so being late for the interview will not create a good first impression. Check how to get to the exact location and reserve some extra time –consider that there may be traffic jams on your way.
  2. Being untidy or dressing inappropriately. Being neat and tidy is part of common courtesy, and you will appear more professional if you dress in a way that matches the position you want.  Additionally, you will even feel more confident when you know you look professional. Leave that cool T-shirt for the weekend!
  3. Not being able discuss your work experience or studies as you stated on your resume. This should be evident, but sorry to say, some people are not always truthful in their CVs. Exaggerating skills blatantly may get you to the interview, but not much longer. 
  4. Not knowing the employer and the position in advance. You surely will spend some time on the company website to get a basic understanding, right? It will help you answer the interviewers’ questions. And if you listen carefully to them, they often give you information about the company and its needs during the interview. The employer is looking for someone who helps solve their problems, and you can give better answers when you know those problems.   
  5. Don’t ask good, or any, questions.  It is highly likely that you will be asked if you have any questions. Prepare some questions in advance – you will want to know your potential employer before committing. But remember that this is not a time to ask about benefits or when you can take your first vacation. 

Job interviews are a bit like dating: Both parties, you and the employer, need to find out if you're the right match for each other. It may well be that it is you who doesn't like them.  But never get discouraged by a mismatch!  There is something to be gained by just going to the interview.  Whether practice or learning about the industry and what you find important to you.  Share your job exerience and thoughts with other students in the Career section at Tekla Campus Lounge