On His Way to an exciting career in structural engineering:  Drilon Rraci, a postgraduate student from University of Maribor in Slovenia.  Drilon is currently working on his master’s thesis in the Erasmus Mundus_Join EU-SEE PENTA Programme. He has always been fond of buildings and structures in general but discovered while in secondary education his knack and love of natural sciences and math, and this started him on his journey into civil engineering. After successfully completing his civil engineering undergraduate studies, where he focused on structural engineering, he thought the only next move would be to continue with his masters. 

Drilon has been active while completing his studies. He has worked and interned with many top companies like M3 Engineering & M3 Anlegg AS, Solar Green Energy, IMK Steel Construction and SGE Company, handling various designing, structural, construction functions.

It was while working in these companies he discovered Tekla Structures. “Being part of these companies, I’ve had the opportunity to improve my skills as a supervising engineer, software engineer, and modeler of steel structures using advanced BIM software, Tekla Structures,” said Drilon.  

“I am a fan of all structures but would like to see myself working on infrastructure projects like bridges or tunnels, as well as commercial buildings or even factory facilities. I’ve worked with steel structures within my previous roles, but would also like to model concrete and would also consider looking at more designing or engineering roles like structural engineering, detailing, or fabrication,” continues Drilon.  

Currently Drilon is working on his thesis “Interoperability between Architectural and Structural BIM software in the Case of a Mall Project.”  He has just begun and is currently analyzing many different software packages like AutoCAD, SAP2000, SoFiSTik, Dlubal, Tower and Tekla Structures. He hopes to explain the interoperability of these software solutions in connection to the erection and completion of the mall project.  

“I like that Tekla Structures is user-friendly, and enables the creation of large complex models. I also like that I can run a clash check directly in the model, not to mention access to hundreds of 3D parametric components and the flexibility to create custom components.  All of this automation and the reports I am able to generate directly from the model saves an enormous amount of time,” said Drilon and continues: “I am using Tekla Structures for all the modeling, detailing, drawings and reports for my thesis.” 

“Learning Tekla Structures was easy. I had a friend who introduced me to Tekla Campus and I walked through all the learning materials there.”

Drilon is well on his way to securing his future in structural engineering.  He plans to finish his thesis December 2017 and looks forward to beginning his journey into the professional world.

“My recommendation for other students is to always be on the hunt to find the best solution for any kind of problem you will face during your journey,” commented Drilon.

Learn more about Drilon via his Tekla Campus profile here.