Ground Breaking Construction for Trimble's new campus expansion. Trimble is breaking ground on its new Campus Expansion and using all internal technologies to showcase its breadth within the Design Build Operate (DBO) lifecycle.  Leading the way by bringing together a mix of hardware, software and mobility technologies that streamline communication and collaboration throughout the construction lifecycle, from planning, design, and site preparation through to the finished project. Using the combined intelligent Building Information Model with embedded detail, layout points, and construction logistics streamlines the construction process, saving time, resources & money.

Our new office expansion in Westminster, Colorado, US, will accommodate over 1,100 workers, and serve as a central business hub for several of Trimble's core market segments including agriculture, construction and geospatial. 

The projects is putting Trimble’s entire product portfolio including hardware, software & collaboration to test and allowing everyone to witness it in action

All project participants from contractors, designers, engineers, surveyors and architects will use more than 50 Trimble solutions on the project. You can learn more about the project through the press release here:

Watch the Live Project Feed Here:

The site showcases every stage of the project beginning with the planning and feasibility analysis to construction and project management.  Learn about the technologies used during surveying, concept development, design and engineering, and cost estimation.  Watch live webcams and get up to the minute project status.  Dive into project team blogs.  Finally, quickly access helpful information about each of the products used on the project. 

Educators to learn more about how to access Trimbles solutions for academia visit Trimble’s Global Educational Tools for School offering here.