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Zig-Zag View Section
01.06.2016 02:00

Hi :
I wonder if it possible to make a zigzag section in drawings ?? and if I can control the depth of a some area of the taken section not all of it ???

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regarding ZigZag sections
Re: Zig-Zag View Section 02.06.2016 13:14

Hi Haytham,
You can try this.
Shorten parts view by view
You can shorten parts in the selected view in an open drawing. By default, there is only an empty area shown between the parts, but you can use a shortening symbol instead, and adjust the shortening symbol color and line type.
Double-click a drawing view frame in an open drawing.
In View properties , go to the Attributes 2 tab.
In Cut parts , select Yes , Only in x direction or Only in y direction.
In Cut skew parts , select Yes to cut skewed parts.
In Minimum cut part length , set the minimum length of the shortened part.
This option defines how long the part must at least be to get shortened. The length of the part must be at least twice the entered value.
In Space between cut parts , enter the distance between the cut parts on paper.
Click Modify.

PDF file

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Thank you for your reply
Re: regarding ZigZag sections 08.06.2016 21:18

Thank you for your reply
but I didn't mean to shorten parts, I ask if it possible to create a zig zag section like the black line in my image
So that I can cut along it and see a variable depth
so is it possible in tekla ??

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and this is a pdf file if the
Re: Thank you for your reply 08.06.2016 21:20

and this is a pdf file if the photo is not clear

PDF file

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