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TSL 2017 Freezes up
06.07.2017 01:03

TSL 2017 takes a long time to open model up, and then freezes up once the model is opened. Can't close any dialog box, can't move view dialog box, can't even close TSL by clicking on the X in the upper right hand corner. Had absolutely no problem with TSL 2016. This issue has occurred for multiple users.

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Hello Todd,
Re: TSL 2017 Freezes up 06.07.2017 12:06

Hello Todd,

I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with opening a model in Tekla Structures Learning 2017.

The first thing to check is always the setup for the computer you use. Memory requirements depend on the size of the model. Large models require more memory. An average set-up for lighter projects is a 64-bit operating system with 8 GB of RAM. If you are working with heavier projects, you should consider having a computer with more RAM.

Tips for large models.

If the computer setup or a particular model is not the issue, you may be experiencing the so-called hooking problem: some software are known to cause Tekla Structures not to start up correctly. Please check if you are using any of the software mentioned on this list.

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Screen freeze in TSL 2017
Re: Hello Todd, 10.07.2017 17:29

I've checked the setup and we seem to have no issues (have 16GB of RAM), and have not discovered any hooking software either. We have not had any problems with TSL 2016, it is a new problem we are having with TSL 2017. Memory usage shoots up to over 1GB for a small/moderately-sized non-complicated model. Problem shows its ugly face as soon as I open the 3D view -- screen freeze. This screen freeze applies only in Tekla -- other open windows etc have no problem.

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