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Tekla Structures Learning 2017i
30.04.2018 17:25

I've just started out learning the software and started the first video lesson, however the program keeps crashing and I get the error message shown in the attached picture. Its happened three times when I've panned across the drawing and once after I went into the properties menu. Any help in fixing the crashes would be much appreciated.

Re: Tekla Structures Learning 2017i 02.05.2018 16:59

Would appreciate a response as I need to get on and progress through the introduction to this software, I cant currently use it in its current state.

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Hi, sorry for the delay in
Re: Reply 08.05.2018 13:01

Hi, sorry for the delay in responding. I found information on similar problems when using a Logitech mouse: "WPF applications which are built for x64 and use the WindowChrome class throw an OverflowException when receiving a horizontal scroll command from a Logitech mouse configured with SetPoint." Do you use a Logitech mouse with a similar SetPoint configuration?

Hello, yes I do use a
Re: Hi, sorry for the delay in 09.05.2018 17:34

Hello, yes I do use a Logitech mouse. I've looked into the settings and set the horizontal scroll as 'do nothing'. I've opened a drawing and moved around it without any crashes. I hope thats fixed it!

Thanks very much