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Tekla Structures 2017i - Software hangs
21.08.2018 12:29

So, i'm trying to learn Tekla and am following the lessons provided.
I'm usingf the Tekla 2017i (Education version) and am facing some problems when:
1) trying to create / open drawings, the entire software stops working. I'm unable to do anything within the software and have to close the software using task manager
2) When opening the organizer and upon trying to sync, I'm stuck at the "Writing to the model for reporting".
These happens with the files provided via the download links. Anybody facing the same problem and manage to work it out?

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Tekla Structures 2017i - Software hangs
Re: Tekla Structures 2017i - Software hangs 30.08.2018 11:44

Disconnect from the internet and it will speed up.
You'll have to reconnect after a while though.
This has been reported late last year, but we're assured Tekla is working on it and is very sorry for the inconvenience.

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