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Tekla Learning 21.1
09.11.2015 14:11

Hi ADmin
I have one question: what time Tekla learning Version 21.1 publish?

Thanks AD

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Hello Hanh,
Re: Tekla Learning 21.1 10.11.2015 19:29

Hello Hanh,

Breaking news! Tekla Structures Learning edition 21.1 is now available for download.

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V21 and V21.1
Re: Hello Hanh, 11.11.2015 07:46

Thank ADmin so much. I just install V21.1 completed, but I want install V21 and V21.1 together, when I install V21.1 completed then V21 will removed???

Thanks & Best Regards,

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Hello Hanh,
Re: V21 and V21.1 11.11.2015 10:32

Hello Hanh,

You are correct: when you install 21.1, your previous installation is removed. You can only have one Tekla Structures Learning version installed at a time, and we only provide the latest version on this site.

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