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Tekla Custom Component
12.05.2018 19:53

I am trying to develop a custom component as shown in image-1 with tekla custom compnent which is a gusset plate braced connection. In all default connection of this type shows the connection mark as shown in image-2 (red rectangle) which means the rotation axis is set perpendicular to the monitor screen. I have also checked the general info tab (image-3) which shows the up direction "automatic". From the tekla custom component handbook (image-4) i have come to know that if i set the position type as gusset plane upper direction will be automatically set as described before. But though i am creating the same connection positioned at gusset plane it is showing upper direction as shown in image-5 or image-6. It would be a great help if somebody can show me the right way.

images bound to one pdf.

PDF file

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