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Straight Tunnel CIP Modelling
14.07.2016 21:54

Dear All,

I'm trying to model a tunnel shape in Tekla but I am a little bit stuck with this attemp! I tried to draw the section shape in DXF and import into tekla, but only as reference lines is possible so that the geometry is rather far to be real....curved as straight long lines...All Tekla Concrete part tools available seem to be limited to get this model...I guess...Any other recommendation?
Thank you very much!

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Straight Tunnel CIP Modelling
Re: Straight Tunnel CIP Modelling 02.08.2016 15:09

Yeah, your tunnel cross section seems are broken down to poly lines from real curve. So I guess maybe you can try grasshopper add-in with Tekla? I suppose it have this potential ability to make complex nurbs or curves like that.

Straight Tunnel CIP Modelling
Re: Straight Tunnel CIP Modelling 10.08.2016 11:04

Hi, I find two more solutions.
1. Use Slab element to model the tunnel section, then edit the thickness to extend it. Like the blue one in the picture below, you can also edit the control point to make the chamfer to curve, that maybe suitable for your case?
2. Use Sketch editor. Go to File--> Editor-->Sketch Editor, then you can draw your own cross-section. Like the yellow one in the picture below
I just roughly drew these shape, hope they can help? However, I thought you should also think what is the purpose of making this ideal round tunnel shape? Is it for design modelling, QTO or construction? If for construction, do you have these kind of round formwork to model the tunnel?

Hi Xi Liu! I had not time to
Re: Straight Tunnel CIP Modelling 30.08.2016 18:10

Hi Xi Liu! I had not time to test it untill now. Thank you very much for your inputs. By now it is a (perfect-no-real) design sketch which has to be reinforcement but in a future should be a real shape with formwork...It is my first time with concrete in Tekla. I tried reinforcements with all the standard parts (such as footings, beams, columns, slabs, etc) but never with such an irregular shape as a tunnel is. Anyway, the sketch editor might help with this...but I am working still in 21.1 and the editor is just available in 2016 version.
Thank you very much again. We will keep on improoving!