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Reinforcing Curved parts
11.10.2016 20:41

Hi all!
I am trying to add some reinforcement bars to a cylindrical wall of a tank. Could you tell me how could we add vertical reinforcement bars in the picture?
For curved beams or columns is pretty easy as it recognizes the curved shape when adding Reinforcing bar group. But I can’t get it with different curved elements such as Circular Hollow Section profiles (the case on the picture), poly-beams or panels.
Any recommendation please?

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Reinforcing Curved parts
Re: Reinforcing Curved parts 01.12.2016 12:16

I use this "Rebar shape catalog" in the Rebar tool to model the vertical rebars as this tool can detect the face of part and therefore place the rebars. Maybe this will help? Please see the picture attached.

Thank you for your input!
Re: Reinforcing Curved parts 13.12.2016 10:47

Thank you for your input! Sorry in my delay. I solved before your answer just creating a rebar group setting the properties in "Rebar group type" as "Tapered curved". When you create the rebars you need several clicks on the model.
1. Two clicks for the first vertical bar form and middle button of the mouse.
2. Two clicks for the second vertical bar form and middle button of the mouse.
3. Last two clicks for the third vertical bar form and middle button of the mouse and the bars will be created.
You just need to make the 3 steps in three different areas of the curved shape taking into account that the fisrst and the last are the condition for the beggining and the end for the range of bars.
Hope this usefull for anybody! Cheers!

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Dome reinforcement
Re: Reinforcing Curved parts 11.03.2019 15:34

Dear Sir,
I am trying for dome reinforcement , but iam not getting, if you know how to do...please step by step

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