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Problems displaying bolt geometry
01.12.2015 18:47

Hi there!

I am currently developing an excersice with several pupils at the same time. The issue is that we get different representations detailing base plates in columns and some other (beam to beam) components.

Some of us can see the bolt geometry perfectly, and some others, see the attached picture representation on the 3d view window.

Should be there any special reason for that?? We have compared our models and they seem to be based on the same settings and properties (Tekla Learning - Default environnment).

All the best,

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Hello Oscar,
Re: Problems displaying bolt geometry 03.12.2015 14:37

Hello Oscar,

This looks like a case of different view settings. The students who have the issue with the bolt geometry should open the View Properties dialog box (double-click the view), click the Display button, and set Bolts visibility to Exact (and not Fast).

For more information on View properties, please visit Tekla User Assistance.

Great! That works. Thank you
Re: Hello Oscar, 03.12.2015 18:24

Great! That works. Thank you very much ;)

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