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The problem in the beginning
12.12.2018 15:53

I install the program, and try to open it and i did. There is no problem so far. But when i try to open a new model this screen pop up when loading screen is about the end. After that i click Tamam(thats mean ''ok'' in our language) program automatically close the program.
My system spec is;
Win 7 (sp1)
8gb ram, GPU geforce 333m

it's worth reminding ; i have the last version of net framework and all the microsoft C++ visuals like 14 of them(2008- 2015)
Can you guys solve my problem i'll a lot appreciate you

Re: The problem in the beginning 14.12.2018 13:01

sorry to hear about the issue. Have you tried reinstalling Tekla Structures Learning? Are you using Tekla Structures Learning 2018i?

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a couple times more but when
Re: Hi, 18.12.2018 21:55

a couple times more but when i upgrade my pc to win 8 everything is fixed. Thanks for the answer

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