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Permanently Importing Profiles
20.05.2019 16:44

I have recently downloaded the campus edition of the software to continue practising after a weeks training at Trimble in Leeds (UK). When I start Tekla Structures it requests the environment & role as always. However it only has two options "Default" & "Blank" under environment. The role can be steel detailer which is what I used when training. The 3rd drop down box is fixed to "educational". Unfortunately, because I can't pick the UK environment I don't have the pre-set steel profiles which are used in the UK. E.g. UB, UC, RSA, SHS, CHS etc. I can manually download & import them into the individual models through the profile catalogue. However, once I exit the software & restart with a new model I have to import the profiles again. They don't stay as permanent profiles.
Is this specific to the Campus Edition by default? Can you get the profiles to remain after closing the software?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Jamie, you can download
Re: Permanently Importing Profiles 21.05.2019 08:58

Hi Jamie, you can download additional environments on the Download page. Click Additional environments and choose the environments you need. After downloading, install the environments.

Re: Permanently Importing Profiles
Re: Hi Jamie, you can download 21.05.2019 17:00

Excellent. Many thanks for your help.
Problem Solved!

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Re: Hi Jamie, you can download 24.07.2019 16:01


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