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Material and profile
27.09.2020 16:22

Hello im trying to follow everything you have in your learning guide videos but in the creating steel parts video i tried to find for exampel HEA400 and S235JR but i could not find anywhere on my computer so my question is it ok if i use something else instead? and why cant i find it? is it something i have download?

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Hi Matin, you should be using
Re: Material and profile 29.09.2020 08:13

Hi Matin, you should be using the Default environment when you create the exercise model.

  1. Go to https://campus.tekla.com/download.
  2. Click Additional environments to open the list of environments.
  3. Click Default to download it.
  4. Install the environment.
  5. Start Tekla Structures, select Default environment and you will have the same materials and profiles available as in the exercise.
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