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Limitations of learning license
09.10.2017 06:19

Dear All,
We are planning to do a study steel detailing project in Tekla learning version from start to end (Study purpose only). But we need to edit template, export and import IFC files etc. Please let me know the limitations and terms of use of Tekla learning license.
* Template editor.
*Advanced options.
*Export and Import IFC, dwg etc.
*Export CNC files.
*Export KSS file.
*Customizing ribbon and keyboard shortcuts.

These restrictions are
Re: Limitations of learning license 10.10.2017 10:25

These restrictions are included in Tekla Structures Learning:
• Production exports are not in use (NC)
• Production imports are not in use (Fabtrol, Eliplan)
• Model dump is not in use
• All types of drawings have the “Educational” watermark
• IFC export has a watermark

Additional information can be found from Tekla Structures Learning - technical product sheet: https://campus.tekla.com/tekla-structures-learning-technical-product-sheet

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