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Issues with snapping to things in model
16.02.2018 19:03

I was making a model yesterday and after making a part cut in the 2D view (not sure if that is relevant) I can no longer interact with anything with the mouse that is not 0 on the Z axis other than just selecting parts. Trying to use the measure tool, move, or start a new part all snaps to the closest point of a part that is 0 on the Z axis whether I have 'snap to nearest point' on or not. restarting the computer hasn't helped. I have been able to reproduce this problem once by doing similar things in a different model. Thanks in advance for any help!

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That's probably happening cause your work plane is still in a plane view, if i make myself clear. Change from "plane" to "Auto" in the bottom of your tekla window screen (usually).
hope it helps, regards

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