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Import a file from Consteel 10 to Tekla student version
12.05.2016 11:56

Im doing my Thesis in this semester( designing a steel office building) and I already designed my connections and whole building in the Consteel Software. I also downloaded the student version of tekla (2016 ) and i woud like to import the consteel file to the Tekla.
as it shows in the videos and the websites, It should be really easy to import the file from consteel to tekla, but I tried it and it shows an error which says: I can only import the file from consteel to tekla in the certain version of tekla( till tekla 21 ). I already designed my conncetion and joints in the Consteel and if I could import it to the tekla, I could save alot of time for the final drawing.
Im looking forward to hear any helpful news from you.
best regards,
Bashir Torkamani

What videos and websites do
Re: Import a file from Consteel 10 to Tekla student version 16.05.2016 10:34

What videos and websites do you mean? I am sorry but I am not an expert on import and export issues so that is why I am asking. :)

You can find more information about compatible import file formats and softwares etc. here: https://teklastructures.support.tekla.com/search/site/import

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I could be late with the
Re: Import a file from Consteel 10 to Tekla student version 08.08.2016 15:03

I could be late with the aswer, but I beleive it is a problem that affects many Tekla edu. users. I heard from a Tekla reseller employee, that it is because of the educational Tekla is only 32bit software, but Consteel can be obtained in 32bit and 64bit editions. They should be matched, or it won't work. I believe, you - such as me - had the 64bit version of CS (as it is logical, given that nowadays most of the operating systems, and CPUs are using 64bit). I don't know, when Tekla will release a 64bit edition of the educational software, but I also heard, that if you reinstall the Consteel, but next time the 32bit edition (when downloading, you can choose, wich version do you like) it would work fine. It may be crashy, but may work (I haven't checked it yet, I've redrawn the whole structure).

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As I also faced the problem
Re: I could be late with the 11.08.2016 10:26

As I also faced the problem the past day, I exchanged a mail with the support of Consteel and the thing is, that I wrote in the '08.08.2016 15:03' comment was true, but I did not know, that the current Tekla Campus version is already 64bit (Tekla 2016), and there will be no more 32bit Consteel (so you cannot download it). So I downloaded Tekla Campus 2016 (64bit), but it did not cooperate with the Consteel 10 (64bit) either, as I expected it to do. In the error box, "Consteel only communicates with Tekla Structures 21.0 or lower" (or something) message could be red. Ergo it's up to the Consteel guys, to improve the compatiblility.