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import by Cype 3d
30.05.2018 21:02

Why, can't I import from Cype 3d to Tekla Structures?

I have the exactly the same
Re: import by Cype 3d 01.05.2019 13:26

I have the exactly the same problem. When I try to import from Cype 3d it just said that the version of tekla it is not correct. I'm using Cype 2019.g and Tekla student 2018i.

in CYPE informs which
Re: I have the exactly the same 02.05.2019 05:25

in CYPE informs which versions are supported !!! I have the same problem, how do I solve it?

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Please contact CYPE for
Re: in CYPE informs which 02.05.2019 13:13

Please contact CYPE for instructions. The direct link from CYPEcad to Tekla Structures is created by CYPE.

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