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IGS/STP file import in TEKLA Structures and BIMSIGHT
15.10.2015 13:17


Please help me. I cannot import both igs file and stp file in TEKLA Structures, Version 20, Steel Detailing Function.

I tried importing from the CIMSteel==>.stp and CIMSteel==>.igs but I am receiving a comment that my source file could be a "manufacturing model".

So then I tried to open the same file at TEKLA BIMSIGHT. I have successfully opened the file but the orientation of the model was different. I tried to rotate the model along Z-axis but I couldn`t.

How to rotate the model along Z-axis? I can only rotate long X and Y axis.


Could you please help me open in either TEKLA Structures and TEKLA BIMSIGHT accurately?

IGS/STP file import in TEKLA Structures and BIMSIGHT
Re: IGS/STP file import in TEKLA Structures and BIMSIGHT 22.12.2015 16:16

You can try using , 1- Open a Tekla Structures model.
2- Check the work plane position, as it determines the rotation of the reference model in the Tekla Structures model.
3- Click File > Insert Reference Model...
4- Click the Browse... button to browse for the reference model file.
5- Set the scale of the reference model

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As a reference model file import successfully but it is only for reference.
is it possible to import STEP file as a member which is use as a model & we can change properties?

Re: Import STEP file 15.12.2016 15:14


IFC format files can be convert to native Tekla object. So if you find any ways for converting firstly STEP to IFC, then import that IFC to tekla and convert to Tekla object.

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