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I have a problem about shrinking of windows in educational version of tekla
14.03.2019 21:02

hello everyone. Please help me !!
I am a student and ı am using educational version of tekla structure. I can t shrink windows (frame) and this causes that ı can t see the below of window that ı opened. What is the problem ?

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if you cannot see the full dialog box, you can use the following key combinations on your keyboard:
ALT+A: Apply
ALT+M: Modify
ALT+G: Get
ALT+C: Cancel

If you would like to see the buttons, you can press ALT+SPACE+M, and then use the ARROW keys on your keyboard to move the dialog.

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Hi again..
Re: Hi, 21.03.2019 22:10

Hi again..
finally working !! Thank you soooo much

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