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I can not create my first model
16.06.2019 08:48

Hi Dear,
I downloaded the Tekla structures for student and installed it. Then, when I am trying to create the first model I got this message:
" Could not create model 'F:\TeklaStrcturesModels\Practice model', External component has thrown an exception. "
Please, could you help me to solve this?

Hi, please try re-installing
Re: I can not create my first model 17.06.2019 17:18

Hi, please try re-installing Tekla Structures. You could also try reinstalling .Net and C++ packages. Please see the instructions here.

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i can not create my first model
Re: I can not create my first model 16.03.2020 23:00

after installing the tekla campus , and i tried to open my first model but it showed the error.
Couldn't create the model

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External Component has thrown an exception
Re: I can not create my first model 09.07.2020 08:27

I am also facing the same error, uninstalled and reinstalled, Still problem is persisting.
Could you please help me how to resolve this issue.

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could you try changing the folder location of your Tekla Structures models?
Have you tried installing .NET components separately as instructed above in this thread?

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