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Export to Revit
14.10.2019 15:43

Hi there!
I'm a part-time student/designer and signed up for Tekla Campus to build my skills and test the product. One very important function is Tekla's integration with Revit. I found a Tekla article outlining this process (https://teklastructures.support.tekla.com/support-articles/tekla-structu...) and it requires me to download and install the "Export to Revit for drawings" feature to bring across workable IFC elements in Revit, but this additional plug-in is only available to users with a maintenance licenses... Please advise how I can get this install to test it on my student account while I'm learning.

On a side note - I'm trying to export a steel model from Tekla with just the steel centrelines and the ends of the lines fully connected. This must be done with each line being under a layer representing its steel member/sectional size. I've been struggling with filters so my plan is to take it from Tekla to Revit via IFC and then exporting analysis model. ANY ADVICE?

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