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Environment: Visual Studio 2019 and Tekla Open API
21.01.2021 17:39

I have Tekla Structures running on Windows using Campus License. I have Visual Studio 2019 running. In Visual Studio, Using Nuget.org package manager installed Tekla Open API 2020.02. However, in my Visual Studio program I get "The type or namespace name 'Tekla' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)"..... Please help me move forward.

Hi, you may possibly need to
Re: Environment: Visual Studio 2019 and Tekla Open API 26.01.2021 11:12

Hi, you may possibly need to add the reference to the solution, which can be done through the following steps : 

  • Open your Project within the Solution Explorer
  • Right-click the References folder and Choose Add Reference....
  • Find and select the assembly that corresponds to your error message or class.
  • Click the Ok button to add it to your Project.

One more thing, you cannot just type  using Tekla;. You would need to define the namespace you would like to use, such as  using Tekla.Structures.Model; 

See more info here: https://developer.tekla.com/tekla-structures/documentation/add-directive....

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