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Customizing the ribbon
23.07.2021 14:47

Hello everyone,
If you go via the menu 'Settings' -> 'Ribbon' -> 'Ribbon editor' you can customize the ribbon of the application, add your own ribbon items, etc...
Is their a way todo this programmatically? Let me explain. I'm writing a plugin using .net and the nuget packages that Tekla provides. Using the techniques as described here https://developer.tekla.com/tekla-structures/documentation/model-plug-di..., you're able to find the plugin through the 'Applications & components' section.
What I would like todo is to create a custom ribbon menu, and place a button there that calls upon the plugin. Same as you would just start it in the 'Applications & components' section.
Is this possible some how? Can anyone point me to a place to start?
Thanks in advance

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