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Custom Component - Rotation
14.05.2018 02:07

Hello,I'm trying to create a custom connection. The problem is that the main part would rotate and the little blue rod would not stay attached to the secondary part. As you can see in the image, i've bound the rod handles to the secondary part upper plane ("12,70" marks) and to the little plate upper plane (6.35 marks).

But the rod wont stay attached, and would disappear if the main part changes its rotation.

I would appreciate any suggestion.

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position type
Re: Custom Component - Rotation 18.05.2018 11:37

What position type did you use for the connection?

Hi, I am having almost a same
Re: position type 19.05.2018 11:05

Hi, I am having almost a same problem with component position in gusset plane.
Thread link :
Please help

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