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Cursor Lag
16.10.2018 10:32

Hi All

Since updating to Tekla 2018i i am now experiencing cursor lag, when both moving the mouse in general and also selecting objects by click and drag
My GPU drivers are up to date and i havent experienced this problem on any previous issues of Tekla Structures
Any help would be appreciated


Hi Same problem here did you
Re: Cursor Lag 30.10.2018 11:08

Hi Same problem here did you get a solution for this?

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Sam problem
Re: Cursor Lag 16.12.2018 10:43

I have the same problem. Never had this issue with previous versions. Specially bad when using measure tool and zooming in.

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I have a colleague with the
Re: Cursor Lag 08.01.2019 17:08

I have a colleague with the same issues. Is there a fix for this?
- Graphic driver is updated. Windows 10 is updated.

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Re: I have a colleague with the 09.01.2019 12:42

please download the latest version of Tekla Structures Learning. The problem is fixed there.

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We use Tekla 2017 sp5 - for
Re: Hi, 11.01.2019 11:36

We use Tekla 2017 sp5 - for all users. But only one (to my knowledge) experience this problem. Tried Steelmark and got good response. Tried with both wireless and wired mouse. Still the same thing.

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Hi Benjamin, please note that
Re: We use Tekla 2017 sp5 - for 14.01.2019 08:45

Hi Benjamin, please note that there is a different discussion forum for the commercial version of Tekla Structures. You can post questions and view discussions there if you have a valid Tekla Maintenance agreement.

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Ok, I'll try that instead.
Re: Hi Benjamin, please note that 14.01.2019 13:43

Ok, I'll try that instead. Thanks.

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Graphics Error
Re: Cursor Lag 13.07.2019 12:23

Hi having same issue with TS 17.0. got a new pc with a GTX1660. i think its something to do with open gl and direct x.
any luck yet? this forum seems pretty unhelpfull always redirecting you and stuff.

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Hi, please contact your local
Re: Graphics Error 16.07.2019 10:47

Hi, please contact your local support with issues concerning commercial use of Tekla Structures. If you want to use the educational configuration for learning purposes, please download Tekla Structures 2019 in this service.

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Solution for Graphical Errors
Re: Cursor Lag 04.08.2019 19:26

Run Tekla with integrated graphics card (or you can use "XS_USE_SOFTWARE_RENDERING=TRUE" setting but I don't recommend because of poor performance it gave), you won't see any problem.
Of course this is a temporary solution, but no fix from Tekla anyway.

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Try this by the way:https:/
Re: Cursor Lag 04.08.2019 19:32

Try this by the way:
The setting isn't available old versions of Tekla but newer one has.

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Try optional secondary vga
Re: Cursor Lag 05.01.2021 10:34

I have experienced with this case brother, so.. I try with secondary gpu and than it's work, four your information my primary gpu is nvdia, & the secondary is intel gpu.. I hope you can success too

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