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Components Properties Display Error
11.10.2016 22:47

Hello there. It is my first question here. I am facing this problem: After installing the components (ie base plate) and after double clicking it, the component properties window is not displayed (the one with the tabs like pictures, parts, bolts anchor rods etc). It is displayed a window which says Beam Properties and has only 3 tabs:Attributes, Position, Deforming. Why is this happening?How can I display the right component properties window in every component?

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Take car about the selection filters. (Marked with red)... if the first icon switched on, than u can select components... with the second icon you can Select objects IN components. Maybe the second icon was switched on when u tried to reach the Component Properties DialogBox.
View Properties/Visibility of object types..."Display..." thick on the Comonents symbols line first checkbox and Modify.. After that you can see the Components symbols in model view, so you can duoble click on the component symbols itself.

I would like to thank you so
Re: RE: 12.10.2016 22:49

I would like to thank you so much!!!It worked of course!

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