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Components are blocked.Error
13.04.2020 21:32

Good afternoon
I have a Tekla educational license and the components and details box is locked, it appears empty and I can only press the cross and help. I have tried to reinstall tekla, reinstall c ++ and framework packages and it remains the same. It happens to me with all the versions of 2019 and 2020. I have another pc and there it works.....What is happening?. Thanks.

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Re: Components are blocked.Error 16.07.2020 17:51

Hi there,
I have the same trouble & have no idea to solve this until now.
If you've already worked, pls help me.
Many thanks dude!

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My Email
Re: THE SAME 16.07.2020 17:52

This is my e-mail: huuban.xd13.uah@gmail.com !

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