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View Filter properties
16.02.2014 19:34

Hi all, i got problem with view filter properties in Tekla drawing. I don't understand how filter works, for example i have footing plan (pic-1) and i want to filter from drawing unnecessary elements. Filter works only when i filter one row (columns in this case, pic-2), when i check second row for footing filter, both elements just disappears from drawing (pic-3). Why is that? Tried several ways in condition options.. hopeless.

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filter setting
Re: View Filter properties 16.02.2014 20:00

filter setting

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If I understood correctly you
Re: filter setting 17.02.2014 09:54

If I understood correctly you would like to see columns and footings in the drawing but filter out other objects?

If this is the case, please try adding Or in the And/Or column in the View Filter Properties dialog box, like in the example below. When you do this, the filter will look for objects that have the Name COLUMN or FOOTING.


For more information on how to create view filters in drawings, please visit Tekla User Assistance:


There are also some useful examples on different kind of filters that help you understand the logic how to create filters:



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ok, yes it's works. I always
Re: If I understood correctly you 18.02.2014 08:10

ok, yes it's works. I always used "and" option. Thanks.

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