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A trouble in modeling with Tekla
07.05.2014 17:20

with my training on your educational version , i faced a problem with modeling in 3D for the mentioned reinforcement as the top reinforcement should be bent to be bottom reinforcement....kindly, could you help me with any tutorials or manuals to complete my training, please?

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Top reinforcement converted to bottom reinforcement
Re: A trouble in modeling with Tekla 08.05.2014 22:55

Use a manual bar or bar group. I suppose you´re trying to find a reinforcement component in the catalog (Ctrl-F) that will reinforce that way, unfortunately it's beyond the catalog components' capability as far as I've seen.

On the reinforcement toolbar click the bar or bar group button (depending on if you want 1 bar or a series of them). Shape your bar so that it goes from top to bottom like you show in the picture.

Once you've got it, be careful if you move or reshape the element. Manual reinforcement usually gets messed up when you move or reshape.

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