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Template Formula Issue for BOM
09.04.2014 23:26

I'm detailing some miscellaneous stuff like ladders and guardrail and I'm having a problem with the bill of material in ASSEMBLY DRAWINGS showing incorrect numbers for parts. The assemblies in the attached image are 16 pieces of loose flatbar and 8 - 4" flatbar ladders with 3/4" roundbar rungs - Very simple.

In the bill of material the 'quantity each' of the 'main part' shows as '8' but is actually 1. More than that, the main part, which is one of the rails for the ladder, is identical to the other rail, but still appears in the BOM under a separate row.

The mark number is not listed for the main part in the BOM for either assembly, but I've been able to change this outcome by editing the template tables in the editor.

I would like to know how to show the main part and identical profile parts in one row with correct quantities for assemblies.

I am using the STYLE5 Drawing Style in TS 19.1 S2