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Tekla won't see the model file
02.08.2014 19:48

Hi everyone,

I've only recently started using Tekla Structures Learning and for my first assignment I've been sent a model file which I am required to open and generate a section for AutoCAD. Unfortunately I haven't even got so far as to open the model because Tekla doesn't show the required file at all in the "Open model" dialog box. I've noticed that the sample model that comes with the software is made up of a .db1 and a .db2 file, whereas I ahve only been sent a .db1 file. Could this be what is causing the issue, or if not any other suggestion would be most welcome!


Alex, you need to create a
Re: Tekla won't see the model file 04.08.2014 04:46

Alex, you need to create a folder in the \TekalStructuresLearningModels\ folder, that matches the name of the .db1 file, e.g. if the file is called bridge.db1, the folder needs to be called bridge.