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tekla animator
16.05.2014 21:15

hello everyone, how can i get tekla animator extension for tekla19.

There is currently one
Re: tekla animator 19.05.2014 09:11

There is currently one extension available for Tekla Structures Learning users, the 3Dconnexion Device Installer. This extension is available in the Download section of the Tekla Campus web site. Other extensions are are available in the Tekla Extranet for the users of the commercial Tekla Structures. Educational institutes, who have educational licenses to Tekla Structures, are also eligible to access the Tekla Extranet. Please contact your educational institute for more information. 

However, please note that other extensions than the 3Dconnexion Device Installer have not been packaged for or tested to be working with Tekla Structures Learning. 

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I have problem with
Re: There is currently one 14.04.2015 12:31

I have problem with downloading tekla animator

Hello Yunusemre,
Re: I have problem with 15.04.2015 10:47

Hello Yunusemre,
The application you are trying to download from Tekla Warehouse is only available to users of the commercial version of Tekla Structures who also have a maintenance contract with Tekla.

For more information, see https://teklastructures.support.tekla.com/not-version-specific/en/twh_pr...