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Tekla 21.0: No Export IFC tab
19.05.2015 19:25


I am trying to edit some IFC settings of elements in my model (especially some stuff that needs to be Brep). In Tekla 20.1 i was able to switch this with User-defined attributes and go to the IFC Export settings tab. The User assistant is pretty clear about it and in 20.1 it worked just like it should.

But in tekla 21.0 the tab is gone. See attached image for an example. There are a lot of tabs, new ones to, but not the IFC Export tab. It's al Dutch, but the button "Gebruikersattributen..." means User-defined attributes. When clicked I get the screen on top of the picture.

Somebody knows what's wrong? Maybe something with the environment i have installed?

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A new development! I just
Re: Tekla 21.0: No Export IFC tab 20.05.2015 10:02

A new development! I just noticed that my concrete walls (panels) do have the IFC Export settings. With that menu i can edit the IFC settings for al elements, but it is not very practical.

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Re: Tekla 21.0: No Export IFC tab 17.06.2015 16:43

Hi Hessel,
The reason the ifc export tab is not visible is because the tabpage numbers are overlapping between the common\inp en netherlands\system objects.inp.
I modified the objects.inp file in the ..\ProgramData\Tekla Structures Learning\21.0\environments\netherlands\system folder.
Inp file can be opened with a text editor. Replace the "8" in tab_page("Parameters_user","jd_user",8) for "14" in the whole document.
Save the file and after a restart of Tekla Structures the IFC export tab is everywhere available.

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Thanks for your answer!
Re: Objects.inp 21.06.2015 14:21

Thanks for your answer!

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